The North Dakota Department of Transportation is now issuing a driver license and ID card with a new design that incorporates advanced security features to protect against fraud, as well as the updated state logo and images of iconic landscapes.  

New North Dakota Driver License   New North Dakota Identification Card

The agency announced the launch of the new credentials on August 8, stating that “the new design provides the highest level of protection for citizens. It also features the North Dakota badlands and includes a sunrise ultraviolet image along with an updated state logo.”

The new credentials incorporate state-of-the-art technology that make them difficult counterfeit. North Dakota is the first state whose driver license and ID card incorporate the squircle, a square and circle that contains a dynamic see-through element. There is also a UV response for the optically variable ghost portrait over the cardholder’s photo.  

The rollout of the new credentials began in Bismark in early August and will continue throughout the state this month.


North Dakota Department of Transportation

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