As of this month, applicants for The Netherlands’ short-term visas based in Australia and New Zealand, will have to apply through the VFS Global offices in both countries.

Schengen Visa Info reports that the Dutch embassies located there have outsourced visa processing to VFS.

Dutch authorities announced that the external service provider VFS Global will be receiving visa applications for the country in several locations in Australia and New Zealand, and then forward the application to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands.

In Australia, applications for a Dutch short-term visa can be submitted to the visa application centre in Sydney as of 5 December.

In Melbourne, applications can be submitted at visa application centres as of 10 December and in Perth as of 18 December.

One the other hand, in New Zealand, applications can be submitted at the VFS Global offices in Auckland as of 13 December.

Appointments for application submission and interviews can be completed online through the VFS websites in the applicant’s country of residence.

According to the Dutch authorities, this will allow applicants to complete more stages of the visa application process online.

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