The Department of Defense is transitioning from its current paper-based Uniformed Services Identification (USID) card to a more secure, Next Generation USID card. The new USID card more closely resembles the Common Access Cards used by troops and DoD civilians. It is the first update to Defense Department IDs for non-active duty beneficiaries in nearly 30 years.

Improved durability, upgraded security features

The Next Generation USID has an updated design and new security features. Unlike the previous laminated cards, the new cards are made of durable plastic cardstock. They also have advanced security features that make them less susceptible to counterfeiting and fraudulent use, according to defense officials.

Who is eligible to receive the new USID card?

Those eligible to receive the new-and-improved USID cards include:

  • Dependents of active-duty troops
  • Reserve members
  • Retirees and their dependents
  • Medal of Honor recipients and their dependents
  • 100%-disabled veterans and their dependents
  • Dependents of Reserve members activated for 30 days or more
  • Beneficiaries whose cards have expired.

More than 200,000 of the Next Generation USID cards had been issued as of 28 February 2021. The transition to the new cards is expected to be completed by January 2026.


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