Danmarks Nationalbank will introduce new 500-krone in Denmark on 17 November 2020.

Other denominations of banknotes are due to be issued in new versions over the next few years.

The new banknotes will look very similar to the existing ones, but with some minor differences.

The new 500-krone banknotes can be recognized by the so-called window thread, it is a red dotted line that is now made more visible and has been moved to the front of the banknote.      

Over the years the use of banknotes and coins has decreased considerably amongst the Danish population as digital payments have increased.

This has led Danmarks Nationalbank to change the way cash is produced and to outsource the production to France.
Although the current banknotes are highly secure, Danmarks Nationalbank has chosen to take the opportunity to upgrade the security of the
banknotes to make counterfeiting even more difficult. 

The new banknotes will be in circulation together with the old ones, no banknotes will become invalid.

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