On July 20, 1969, more than 500 million people around the world watched the Moon landing, the “great leap for mankind.” This was a technical feat that opened new horizons for humanity. 55 years later, IQ Structures and Hueck Folien pay homage to this historic event with a unique design to ring in a new era of banknote security stripe solutions. Nanoswitch™ was launched exclusively at the Banknote Conference in Fort Worth, Texas on May 14, 2024.

New state-of-the-art security solution for banknotes: Nanoswitch™

Humans’ senses have always been the elementary tools for our perception of reality. The more senses we involve, the more intense the perception. Nanoswitch™ addresses the two most distinctive ones – sight and touch – combining color with a 3D object. The visual attraction of the transforming 3D-color object together with the unexpected haptic experience gives Nanoswitch™ unique authentication properties. “The authentication is entertaining, fast and unambiguous, with great potential for attractive designs”, says Robert Dvořák, Managing Director of IQ Structures. The integration of nanofabricated optical security elements with partial ColorSwitch™ provides Nanoswitch™ with extraordinary resistance to counterfeiting and imitation, creating the highest level of banknote protection.

Color Switching Nanostructures

ColorSwitch™ by Hueck Folien offers six vibrant color shift variations that provide an intuitive security feature in movement as design elements are highlighted. The shades are based on high-precision thin-film technology and change color when the banknote is tilted. Nanoengineered optical structures, developed by IQ Structures, provide a distinctive visual appearance and maximum security. 

Design cooperation Nanovista™

When the partner of the most secure currencies collaborates with the most innovative technology partner, and 30 years of experience meet advanced nanofabrication, the result is Nanovista™ – unique features and support right from the design stage to the finished banknote. “Our aim is to create the most advanced and safest banknote solution in the world”, states Michael Ritschewald, Business Development Manager at Hueck Folien.

“There is hardly anything more valued by a country than its national currency. One third of the world’s currencies already bear the high-security solutions from Hueck Folien. Together with IQ Structures, we are breaking new ground in banknote protection”, says Martin Bergsmann, CEO of Hueck Folien.

“We are proud to use our nanofabrication technologies to develop solutions which will significantly increase the attractiveness and protection of upcoming banknotes”, reports Tomáš Těthal, CEO of IQ Structures.


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