Latvia’s Directorate of Citizenship and Migration Affairs began issuing passports in a new design on February 12, 2024. The new passports differ from the previous (2015) version with improved, innovative anti-counterfeiting features based on the security and biometric requirements set forth by the Council of Europe Regulation for passports and travel documents.

Visual design reflects Latvia’s symbols and natural beauty

The visual design of the new passport reflects Latvia’s natural beauty in all seasons. Other design elements are the symbols of the Republic of Latvia – the coat of arms, the Latvian flag, and the national anthem.

The passport depicts Latvia’s geographical diversity and flora and fauna, including 20 birds.

This is the first Latvian passport in which each page has a different design. This greatly increases the security of the passport and makes it more difficult to forge. 

Advanced security features meet higher standards

The new passport integrates advanced security features that comply with Council of Europe Regulation requirements, thus providing greater protection against counterfeiting.

The personal datapage contains several security features.

The security features include:

  • A bright color photo of the passport holder, supplemented with personal data
  • A portrait of the passport holder engraved in a transparent window.
  • Optically variable ink feature printed as an oak leaf that appears to change color as the page is tilted.
  • A holographic strip
  • UV printing on the data page and front page.
  • Color UV printing on the Visa pages.

Previously issued passports shall remain valid until their stated expiration date.


Latvia Directorate of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

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