The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) will start issuing passports with a new design from January the 1st.

The data in the documents will be the same but the design and security features will be updated.

Elements of the Estonian nature are combined with the country’s symbols and security elements in the new design, according to Interior Minister Mart Helme.

In order to introduce better security features, the new personal data page will be made from polycarbonate.

The background of all inside pages is of one tone but larger elements are braided into the background.

Other features are visible to the naked eye and some others will be tactile to fingers and some of them will only be visible with special lightning or a magnify glass.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with, HID CID LIMITED, the Government Office, Enterprise Estonia and the Center for Information Technology and Development (SMIT) of the Ministry of Interior will be involved in completing the process.

This process will be managed by by the Police and Border Guard Board as the issuer of documents.

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