To commemorate Guyana’s 55th Independence Anniversary, the Bank of Guyana began issuing a new 2,000 Dollar banknote on 14 February 2022 The note depicts the country’s culture, art and symbols, natural resources and flora and fauna.

When introducing the new note, Dr Gobind Ganga, Governor of the Bank of Guyana, pointed out that the banknote has “enhanced features that make it cleaner, more durable…and less likely to counterfeit.”

Design and security features of the new banknote

The new banknote measures 156 x 65mm and is produced on a polymer substrate. The background colours run along a gradient, moving from deep red to gold to green–some of the colours in Guyana’s flag.

Front Side

The front of the note features the map of Guyana, the Bank of Guyana’s logo, Guyana’s national animal—the Jaguar–and the label of “Guyana’s 55th Independence Anniversary – One Guyana”.

Back Side

The back side of the note features the slogan “One Guyana” surrounded by the faces of children representing Guyana’s six ethnicities.

Security Features:

According to the Bank of Guyana, the security features of the 2,000-dollar note include the following:

On both sides of the banknote:

  • A large complex transparent windowthrough which “$2000” (in transparent text) and the image of the jaguar are visible.
  • A second, smaller (circular) transparent window.
  • Raised (tactile) printing is featured on the large multi-colour numerals and the text “Bank of Guyana”.
  • Tactile identification is available to the vision-impaired, with a TOUCH™ tactile element indicating the note’s denomination.
  • Under magnification, some areas which otherwise appear to be simple lines reveal the word “GUYANA” in a repeating pattern on the edges of the note.

Front side:

  • A colour-changing flower on the front of the note changes from gold to green as the note is tilted. Also, a rolling bar pattern moves across the flower as the note is tilted (SPARK® feature).
  • Under UV light, the vertical serial number and a hidden numeral become visible.

Back side:

  • The SPARK® security feature is partially visible through the smaller transparent window and can be seen through the back of the note, producing the same colour-changing and rolling bar effect.
  • A bright gold pattern can be seen around the large window on the back of the note as it is tilted.
  • UV light reveals the text “One Guyana”.

A more environmentally friendly banknote

This is the first polymer banknote to be introduced in Guyana. Dr. Ganga points out that the polymer substrate will give this note a longer life, and it can be recycled which leaves a lower carbon footprint.


Bank of Guyana

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