The Reserve Bank of Fiji recently unveiled its newest banknote: a $7 banknote commemorating Fiji’s Rugby 7s gold and bronze medal wins at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, held in 2021. The note continues the tradition of the renowned initial $7 commemorative banknote issued in 2017 following the Rio Olympics.

The new commemorative banknote is legal tender and was put into circulation through the Reserve Bank of Fiji and the commercial banks starting 28 March 2022.

Banknote Industry News reports that the new banknotes are printed by Oberthur Fiduciaire and have been coated with Bioguard™ Varnish which adds antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties to the surface of the notes. Bioguard Varnish provides protection against Coronavirus OC43 and SARS Cov-2.

Images celebrate Fiji’s Olympians, while security features fight fraud

The colour scheme of this commemorative note is primarily yellow and brown, corresponding to the gold and bronze medals Fiji’s rugby teams won at the 2020 Olympics.

The face of the note features Fiji’s Women’s Olympic Bronze Medal Winning Team

The face of the banknote features the Fiji’s Rugby 7s Women’s Olympic Bronze Medal Winning Team huddling during the Tokyo Olympics 2020 games. Also on the front side are the note’s denomination, serial number (horizontal), and a bronze medallion.

Security features include:

  • Micro text
  • A 2mm Combifluo™ metallic security thread by Oberthur Fiduciaire
  • A see-through register
  • A watermark featuring Reapi Ulunisau with a rugby ball.
  • Two raised (tactile) dots towards the left bottom corner to help the blind and the visually impaired to authenticate the banknote.
  • Fluorescent features

Reverse side features Fiji Rugby 7 Olympic Men’s Gold Medal Winning Team

The reverse design of the banknote features Fiji Rugby 7s Olympic Men’s Gold Medal Winning Team after their medal presentation at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 games. The reverse design also features a gold medallion and images of the team’s coach and captain.

Security features on the reverse side include:

  • A see-through register
  • A watermark featuring Reapi Ulunisau with a rugby ball.
  • Fluorescent features (including an Avalon™ fluorescent feature with reverse color change)

Collectors’ item with local and global appeal

Due to its commemorative nature and the limited number produced, the 2020 Olympics note is expected to be of value as collectors’ item both locally and abroad. Special numismatic collector sets will also be available from the Reserve Bank.


Banknote Industry News

Reserve Bank of Fiji

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