The Central Bank of Morocco (Bank Al-Maghrib) recently issued a new 200-Dirham banknote to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the country submitting its Manifesto of Independence. The second in a new family of banknotes, the note and went into circulation on January 12, 2024. (The new series began with the issuance of the 100-Dirham note in December.) 

The visual design of the new 200-Dirham banknote depicts the country’s economic progress during King Mohammed VI’s reign. Morocco’s infrastructure, industry, and development are the primary themes.

The new banknote is printed on a paper substrate. Like its predecessor in the previous series, it measures 151mm x 70mm.

The visual design blends familiar and new elements

The appearance of the note is much like the previous version, with the familiar blue color scheme and a portrait of His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the front. This will help consumers recognize the denomination of the new note. However, many of the artistic elements and security features have been changed or upgraded.

Front side

Graphic elements on the front of the note include the King’s portrait, The “Mohammed VI” Bridge, and Morocco’s coat of arms.

Back side

Illustrations on the back side of the note include a stylized view of the “Mohammed VI” Tower, the international airport in Marrakech, and symbols of the country’s digital and industrial development.

Upgraded security features to prevent counterfeiting

The security features in the new 200-Dirham banknote are more advanced than those in the previous (2012) series. Bringing the security features up to date will deter and prevent counterfeiting. Some of the notable new security features are as follows:

Front side:

  • A RAPID® 3D windowed security thread inscribed with “200”, DH, and a 5-pointed star.
  • “200” in SPARK® magnetic, optically variable ink changes color depending on the viewing angle.
  • The latent image of a star changes to a hidden “200” when the note is tilted. 

Back side:

  • Microtext

Both sides:

  • A watermark containing the King’s portrait and the numeral 200, visible when held up to the light.
  • A see-through feature (register) which, when held up to the light, forms the numeral 200.

A feature to help visually impaired consumers

On the face of the new note are four vertical stars in relief (tactile) printing, designed to help visually impaired consumers identify the denomination.



Bank of Morocco (Bank Al-Maghrib)

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