This month the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards that boast a new visual design and state-of-the art security features. The new cards were designed by a committee of DMV experts, the Nevada Highway Patrol, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, other law enforcement agencies, and Idemia (the DMVs production partner).

Visual design honors Nevada’s past and present

One notable change on the new card is that the REAL ID symbol has been changed from a gold circle to the outline of Nevada.

From a visual standpoint, the new driver’s license and ID card honor the state’s history while also highlighting Nevada’s diversity. The front of the license features the state’s “Battle Born” insignia and “1864,” the year Nevada became a state. Two Nevada skylines are illustrated—the Las Vegas skyline (on the front) and Carson City’s skyline (on the back). The back of the card also features two unique natural treasures: the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Playa in the Black Rock Desert.

Advanced security features to prevent identity document fraud

The new iteration of Nevada’s driving and ID credentials incorporate advanced security features to help prevent fraud. These security features include:

  • A laser-engraved ghost image of the card holder’s photograph.
  • A laser ablation or etching of the card holder’s initials and year of birth over the top of their photo.
  • A tactile element representing the holder’s date of birth, restated in larger type.
  • High-resolution, “split fountain” printing that renders background colors as fading from blue to green (and back again) on the front side.
  • A background design of fine line guilloche security (waves, patterns) that cannot be easily scanned or reproduced.

The new security features meet and, in some cases, exceed all federal security standards.

Transition from old to new: What you need to know

Some Nevada DMV offices began issuing the new licenses between July 12-14, 2021. DMV Online Services will start issuing the new cards no later than August 1st, and all other DMV branches will be issuing the new credentials by September 1st.

According to the DMV, driver’s licenses and ID card in the previous design will remain valid and in circulation until 2029.


Nevada DMV

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