As the pandemic starts to subside and travel resumes, many Americans are eager to apply for, or renew, their U.S. passports. Some people consider going to a photographer (even at a retail store) to be inconvenient, or they remain concerned about exposure to COVID-19 until they are vaccinated. Others are simply dissatisfied with how their photos turn out.

Now there’s a new option for taking passport photos at home: the PhotoAiD app. U.S. regulations allow the public to take passport photos themselves, but PhotoAiD reports that more than 93% of self-taken photographs don’t meet the official criteria. Most of them have issues with lighting (44%), head cropping (37%), or are lacking a perfectly plain background (29%).

The PhotoAiD app “works with the help of AI, hence we can assure scalable, high-quality service with low costs,” said Thomas Mlodzki, CEO of When using the app, people can take as many photos as they want. Artificial Intelligence helps ensure that photos meet official requirements.

To encourage people to try the app, the company will allow users to take biometric photos for free until March 31. In addition to the free digital version, users will soon be able to order home delivery of paper-printed copies of their passport photos.

Upon checking with Keesing’s contacts at the U.S. Department of State regarding the use of apps such as PhotoAiD for taking passport photos, the Department explained that it provides the requirements for passport photos but does not endorse any particular providers. It is up to the passport applicant to provide a photo which will be reviewed by a passport specialist to ensure it meets requirements. If an applicant’s photo doesn’t meet the requirements, it will be rejected and a request for a new photo will be sent.


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