A new 1000-kyat banknote was introduced by the Central Bank of Myanmar on 4 January.

The new note features a portrait of Aung San.

General Aung San was a Burmese politician and revolutionary, and is considered as the Father of the Nation of modern-day Myanmar.

A portrait of late General Aung San is printed on the centere of the face of new 150mm x 70 mm sized currency notes.

The value is printed in Myanmarese numerals at the top left, on the face of the note.

In the top right and bottom left corners Arabic numerals are printed, while an image of the parliamentary building is printed on the back of the note.

Today, banknotes 50-kyat, 100-kyat, 200-kyat, 500-kyat, 1,000-kyat, 5,000-kyat and 10,000-kyat are circulating in Myanmar.

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