The Mühlbauer Group is the only one-stop-shop technology partner for the production and personalization of cards, passports and RFID applications worldwide.


Founded in 1981, the MŸhlbauer Group has ever since grown to a leading global player of the security sector. With around 3,000 employees and 35 production and service locations worldwide, MŸhlbauer has created a strong competence network around the globe. The company specialises in innovative end-to-end solutions focusing on the production, personalisation and issuance of ID documents, and comprehensive border management solutions (MB IDVERSO¨), enabling the reliable identification and verification of individuals and documents. Vision inspection technologies and semiconductor and RFID applications complete the portfolio. In order to enhance its competences and to provide you with optimised solutions MŸhlbauer continuously invests in latest technologies and innovative processes. Clients benefit from three decades worth of experience that MŸhlbauer Group has gained during the lead in no less than 300 ID projects.

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