The Central Bank of Mozambique launched a new series of banknotes on June 16, 2024. All six denominations (20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 meticais) have been redesigned and released into circulation. They will circulate alongside the existing banknotes.

The mixed substrate strategy continues

Just as with the 2011 series banknotes, the new series employs a mixed substrate strategy. In the 2024 series notes, some substrate aspects remain the same, but others are new.

  • The three lowest denominations use a GUARDIAN™ polymer substrate, as is the case in the prior series. The polymer substrate is more durable than cotton, making it a good choice for the lower denomination notes, which are more heavily used by the population.
  • The three higher denominations are printed on a cotton substrate, again similar to the previous series. However, the 2024 series notes integrate a RAPID® HD Detect security thread, an advanced form of the RAPID® micro-optic security thread.
    The higher denomination notes also integrate a SPARK Flow® feature.

Mozambique’s 2024 family of banknotes

As is evident in the images above, the faces of all six denominations are similar in appearance except for the color of the notes. The reverse side of each note depicts a unique element of Mozambique, such the country’s history, fauna, education, marine resources, and agriculture.

Security features vary according to substrate

All the new banknotes integrate modern security features, although the features vary according to which substrate is used.

Each lower denomination polymer banknote contains:

  • A see-through feature
  • An iridescent stripe
  • High relief (tactile) printing
  • A shadow image
  • A clear window.

Each higher denomination paper banknote contains:

  • Security thread
  • Color-changing ink
  • A watermark
  • A see-through feature
  • An iridescent stripe
  • High-relief printing.

Tactile markings to assist visually impaired consumers

There are raised (tactile) markings on all of the 2024 series banknotes, to help visually impaired consumers identify each note’s denomination. These markings appear on the front side of the paper notes and on the reverse side of the polymer notes.


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