The Central Bank of Morocco (Bank Al-Maghrib) has issued a redesigned version of its 100-Dirham banknote, ushering in a new family of banknotes. The new 100-Dirham note was put into circulation on November 24, 2023. The new family of banknotes will include all other denominations, to be released over time.

The 100-Dirham banknote was last redesigned in 2012. The new banknote shares some similarities with the previous version. For example, like the previous version of this denomination, the primary color scheme is gold and reddish-brown, and a portrait of His Majesty King Mohammed VI appears on the front side. This will make the new note look familiar to consumers.

However, many of the artistic elements and security features have been changed or upgraded.

A new design celebrating Morocco’s history and development

The new 100-dirham banknote highlights the cultural heritage of the Moroccan Sahara, its socio-economic development, and its openness to Africa. 

Front side

What is new: The Kingdom’s coat of arms, architectural elements inspired by Moroccan portals, and the stylized arcades of the “Hassan II” mosque in Casablanca.

Back side

What is new: Imagery on the reverse side of the note includes a stylized view of the “Mechouar Place” in Laayoune, the Tiznit-Dakhla expressway, and an illustration of the traditional festivities of Tan-Tan “Moussem.”

The note measures 144mm x 70mm and is printed on paper.

Cutting-edge security features

The new banknote incorporates several advanced security features to help prevent counterfeiting, Some of the key security features are as follows.

Front side:

  • A three-windowed security thread with color-shifting dynamic
  • A latent image which changes from a star to “100” when the note is tilted
  • “100” is printed with optically variable magnetic ink (OVI), which changes color depending on the viewing angle.

Back side:

  • Microtext appears in several places and can be seen when magnified.

Both sides:

  • A see-through register which, when the note is held up to the light, form a complete image of “100.”
  • A watermark, with images of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the number “100.”

A feature with visually impaired consumers in mind

On the face of the new note are three vertical stars in relief (tactile) printing, designed to help visually impaired consumers identify the denomination.


Central Bank of Morocco

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