As we reported last October, the Principality of Monaco has selected IN Groupe as the technological partner for the development, implementation, and deployment of the country’s integrated digital identity system. The system is comprised of electronic ID cards, residence permits, and biometric passports. Monaco’s digital ID cards—the first component of the new system—launched on June 28, 2021.  All Monaco citizens and residents now have the option to link their digital identity with their ID card, making verification both simple and highly secure, with no additional proof of identity needed to access the various procedures with both State and private partner services. By using the digital ID card, a resident can renew their national identity, access state and select private services, obtain a civil status record, make a sworn statement, and sign documents digitally.  

Monaco’s new digital ID card can be used on a smartphone or PC. Designed to straddle the physical and digital worlds, the Monaco digital ID enables high level authentication with qualified signatures. The turnkey digital platform, MConnect, is based on end-to-end management of ID and rights security. The platform meets several major challenges by:

  • Centralising information while keeping it secure.
  • Streamlining online administrative processes.
  • Facilitating the integration of digital tools in daily life.
  • Protecting citizens’ personal data and combating fraud.

See Monaco’s new digital ID in action

To gain a clear understanding of exactly how Monaco’s new digital ID works, watch this informative video:

Aligned with current regulations, flexible enough for future change

The new digital ID card solution complies with Monaco legislation around data protection, meets government expectations, and aligns with the physical and digital uses of Monaco citizens and residents of the Principality. The digital IDs are designed to be interoperable with all European electronic identification services, and comply with the latest eIDAS, OSIA, and Open ID Connect standards.

Open technological standards (OSIA and OIDC – open ID Connect) were also chosen to ensure the Monaco digital ID can be quickly and easily integrated with current and future services.


On the IN Groupe website:

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