The Banque Centrale de Mauritanie (Central Bank of Mauritania) has put into circulation a group of 50-ouguiya banknotes with a new design but printed on three different substrates—a “first” in banknote production.

The occasion for the new note is the 50th anniversary of the Ougiya currency. These commemorative banknotes were put into circulation on June 18, 2023. They are circulating simultaneously with those of the previous design, which remain valid as legal tender.

One design, one denomination, three different substrates

The same denomination and design are printed on three different substrates—the first time this approach has been taken in banknote production.

The three substrates, and the serial numbers that accompany them, are as follows:

  • Durasafe®, a polymer center between paper. (Prefix AA. Suffix L)
  • Paper with sisal. (Prefix BA. Suffix V)
  • Hybrid ADDvance®, a paper center between polymer. (Prefix CA. Suffix G)

The primary color scheme of the new banknote is gray and green. It measures 130 x 66 mm.

Face of the new 50-Ouguiya banknote

The front of the note has Arabic text and depicts the Banque Centrale de Mauritanie headquarters building and the Ibn Abass mosque, both in Nouakchott. Security features on this side include:

  • The denomination in SPARK®
  • Galaxy® security thread
  • A watermark (image of a bearded man), also visible on the reverse side
  • A see-through window (registration device) which is also visible on the reverse side.

Back of the new 50-Ouguiya banknote

The images on the back side of the note depict a traditional metal tea pot and musical instruments along with modern wind turbines and solar panels. Text is in French. Security features on the note shown above include:

  • Electrotype 50
  • The registration device also seen on the front side
  • A watermark (as also seen on the face of the note).

A new feature to help visually impaired consumers

A consumer-friendly feature has been added to the face of this banknote: green, embossed, horizontal bars (10 at the left edge and 10 at the right edge) to help visually impaired individuals identify the denomination by touch.


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