The Danmarks Nationalbank has announced that the following notes will cease to be legal tender as of May 31, 2025:

All Danish banknotes issued from 1944 to 2008, and the 1,000-krone banknotes of the 2009 Bridge series, will cease to be legal tender after May 31, 2025.

Danish banknotes in Greenland and the Faroe Islands

According to the Danmarks Nationalbank, Danish banknotes are also used as currency in Greenland (a territory of the Kingdom of Denmark) and the Faroe Islands (also part of the Denmark). Here is how the recall of the Danish banknotes will play out in those regions:

  • When older Danish banknotes and the current 1,000-krone banknote become invalid after May 31, 2025, those banknotes will also become invalid in Greenland.
  • The Faroe Islands are self-governing and have their own banknotes, with the same format and value as the Danish banknotes. The 2025 recall of Danish banknotes will not invalidate the Faroe Islands banknotes. 

Coming to Denmark in 2028 or 2029: A new series of banknotes

An all-new series of Danish banknotes in denominations of 50, 100, 200 and 500-krones is expected to be issued in 2028 or 2029. Get a preview of the 100 and 200-kronte notes here.


Danmarks Nationalbank

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