Macau expects to put new banknotes in two denominations, with a total of four designs, into circulation early next year. The two issuing banks in Macau, Bank of China (BOC) and Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU), plan to issue 10- and 20-patacas banknotes in the first quarter 2024. They represent two notes out of a total of six banknotes in the new series. The new banknotes will contain advanced security features to better protect them from counterfeiting.

The remaining denominations in the new series will be released in 2025 or 2026. As with the existing series, those denominations will include 50-, 100-, 500-, 1,000-, and 2,000-patacas notes.


An illustrated history of Macau’s terrain

The primary illustrations on the banknotes of different denominations represent historical maps of Macau. The topography of this autonomous region of China has changed throughout its history, due to land reclamation. It has been transformed from an island to a peninsula. Thus, the maps of Macau symbolize its history, expansion, and modernization.

Visual Designs: Fresh but familiar

The horizontal designs, primary color palettes, and dimensions of the new series of banknotes are similar to the existing series. That said, the two issuing banks chose different banknote styles and designs as a way to illustrate Macau’s diversity to the public. Note: The images below are preliminary; we will report on the final designs when they are put into circulation.

The new banknotes from the Bank of China feature the “Southern Lion” design on the front, representing the spirit of Macau. The illustrations on the reverse side are of various buildings or icons.

New 10-Patacas Banknote by BOC

The new banknotes from BNU feature illustrations of the bank’s old and new headquarters buildings on the front. The design on the reverse side blends images of the bank with the map of Macau at different points in its history.

New 10-Patacas Banknote by BNU

Security features to curtail counterfeiting

At this time, the new banknotes are reported to contain the security features listed below.

  • windowed security thread
  • watermark
  • holograms
  • UV features in multiple colors
  • Embossed (tactile) denomination numerals.

Note: We will report the final details of these elements when the notes are entered into circulation.

Accessibility feature for the visually impaired

This new series of banknotes will introduce an accessibility feature to help the visually impaired; embossed (tactile) horizontal lines at the left and right edges of the banknote, and braille marks in the lower right corner, will allow consumers to “read” the note’s denomination.

After the launch of a new series of banknotes, the current banknotes will remain valid as legal tender.

As each banknote in the new series is released, we will share the images and information with you.


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