Keesing Journal 60



      • Big, bigger, biggest

State & legal:

      • EU initiatives in the ID document domain
        Part 1: Answering the counterfeit pressure on EU visa and  residence permits


      • The battle of our privacy
        Biometrics versus chip implants

General interest:

      • India’s brainchild – Aadhaar
        Part 1: Emergence and onset of the world’s largest biometric identification system


      • Privacy in the digital age


      • Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow 
        Part 8: Three inks in a fountain

Practical experience:

      • The use of cash data
        Improving analytics by using banknote serial number data

General interest:

      • International Organization for Migration
        IOM and its technical assistance to States related to the  ICAO TRIP Strategy
      • Identity documents for the digital age
        How dual interface opens up a secure digital world for your identity

Recently launched:

      • Harmonising sovereign identity schemes in Africa
        Industry-wide open standards put governments back in control


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