Keesing Journal 59



      • The virtualising world


      • Facial identity verifi cation
        Five challenges facing practitioners
      • Driving mobile services
        Delivering modern, digital services to the motoring public
      • Mobile Identity
        Virtual ID and the future of identity documents

General interest:

      • Recent impact in Optical Machine Authentication
        Part 3: Future perspectives


      • The Periodic Table of identity


      • Digital identities
        Remote verifi cation and the demand for cohesion
      • 3D Printing, counterfeiting and risk
        Does 3D printing technology present new counterfeiting risks?

Practical experience:

      • Holography on the frontline of ID security and protection
        In the fight against fake IDs, its value is priceless
      • Holistic security design
        Part II: Creating security documents based on a product design specification

General interest:

      • The beginnings of Keesing Technologies
        A rich and noble history spanning more than a century


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