Keesing Journal 58



      • Déjà vu


      • Big Banknote Data
        Exploring the challenges and applications of Big Data analyses to banknote data

General interest:

      • Optical machine authentication of security documents
        Part II: Welcome to reality
      • Identity Threat Assessment and Prediction (ITAP)
        Analysing identity crime to prevent identity crime

Cases analysed:

      • Big data: from marketing to safer streets
        Can commercial big data improve pre-crime analytics?

State an legal:

      • Why nationality is not always clear-cut
        Problems surrounding identity verification and determination of nationality


      • Blockchain and the Immigration Crisis


      • Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow Part 7: Split fountain width
        Part 1: Optical Machine Authentication of Security Documents:  Recent International Impact
      • The Estonian eID: a joint effort
        Implementing the new generation of ID-1 format documents in Estonia

General interest:

      • Trends in the smart-card industry
        How biometrics and multi-functionality shape the business
      • The gateway to identities misuse
        DMVs, the driving lisence and other identification documents


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