Keesing Journal 57



      • Food for thought


      • Identities in the blockchain
        A working model of self-sovereign identity in the blockchain  Identities in the blockchain
      • Additive manufacturing
        A threat or an opportunity for secure documents?Face recognition with 3D enrolment is more robust in real conditions 

General interest:

      • Big data and migration policy
        How migration policymakers can use big data 

Practical experience:

      • Multiple citizenship
        How holding multiple passports can lead to passenger data quality consequences

General interest:

      • Law enforcement goes mobile
        Mobile technology benefits front-line policing and other  enforcement duties


      • Passports for sale

General interest:

      • Recent impact in Optical Machine Authentication
        Part 1: Optical Machine Authentication of Security Documents:  Recent International Impact

Practical experience:

      • Product design specifications
        Helping ID document designers make better decisions  from the beginning

General interest:

      • Cashless versus cash
        Much ado about nothing?


      • The new Swiss Banknotes
        The journey from the 8th to the 9th series

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