Keesing Journal 56



      • The splits paradigm
      • The Upid-Model
        A model for use-centered design of payment instruments applied to banknotes
      • Digital travel credentials
        Transforming and disrupting traditional thinking
      • A history of passports and their design
        Passport function and feature changes through the centuries
      • Digital driver’s license
        Security and convenience made into an app
      • Column
        What does your passport reveal about you?
      • No longer lost in translation
        Transliteration of Arabic in the MRZ of machine readable travel documents
      • Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow
        Part 6: Split fountain position
      • From Sci-Fi to Wi-Fi
        Face recognition on drones: an insider’s view
      • User adoption is the key to success
        Digital identity with e-ID: the challenges


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