Keesing Journal 55



      • Documents of the future


      • 3D enrolment improves face recognition 
        Face recognition with 3D enrolment is more robust in real conditions 

Cases analysed:

      • Face verification robustness & camera-subject distance 
        Camera-subject distance marginally affects automatic face verification 


      • Don’t you know who I am? 

State & legal:

      • Preserving privacy identity management mechanisms
        How to solve the digital ID equation in the 4.0 world


      • Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow
        Part 5: False split fountains 
      • The art of security design
        How to stay ahead of counterfeiters in the future
      • A designer’s view
        Current trends and methods in banknote artwork

Practical experience:

      • Pay-by-face
        The use of facial recognition in mobile payment

General interest:

      • The human factor
        Legal identity in the labour market

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