Keesing Journal 54



      • Documents of the future


      • Blockchain technology
        Identity and access management as potential future uses

Cases analysed:

      • Internet of Things
        On the threshold of a new industrial revolution

State & legal:

      • Will Brexit lead to regained sovereignty?
        Entry, exit and residence challenges for UK, EU citizens and EU,  UK nationals


      • Facial recognition making a comeback – but still controversial

Practical experience:

      • Tracking issues in travel documents
        ICAO’s ICBWG subgroup on non-compliant MRTDs

General interest:

      • Can the grid protect us from terror?
        Too often it comes down to communication
      • Science delivers input for identity domain
        University of Texas offers Master of Science in Identity Management  and Security 


      • Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow
        Part 4: Split fountains redux

General interest:

      • The future of identity management
        Making the leap from civil register to smartphone


      • Optical security media
        Multitechnology solutions for a changing world


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