Keesing Journal 53



      • The security rat race

Practical experience:

      • Banknote wear in Canada
        Comparing paper and polymer substrates for a whole series transition

General interest:

      • What if counterfeit IDs could talk?
        Chemical profiling of identity documents

Recently launched:

      • The Seafarers’ Identity Document
        Moving to an e-SID compatible with ICAO Doc 9303

Cases analysed:

      • Face comparison & magnification distortion
        Can magnification distortion affect the accuracy of automatic facial recognition?


      • Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow
        Part 3: Security design and ink opacity


      • Our Connected World

General interest:

      • Digital printing
        From inkjet counterfeits to genuine production


      • The Lupo specimen banknote project 
        An international collaboration to develop a specimen banknote

General interest:

      • Designing security
        Advantages of the use of polymer as a substrate


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