Keesing Journal 52



      • Identity matters

General interest:

      • 12th ICAO TRIP Symposium and Exhibition
        Strengthening aviation security through improved traveller identification

Practical experience:

      • MRTD Portrait Quality
        The ICAO Portrait Quality Technical Report and new trends
        in facial image data standards

Recently launched:

      • RealMe®

        Government authentication and identity verification services in New Zealand


      • The polymorphic eIDAS token
        The privacy-friendliness of the eIDAS token and the efficiency  of a federated setup


      • The cat and mouse game

Cases analysed:

      • The evolution of the e-Passport
        An overview of next generation e-Passport technology

State & legalt:

      • Personal identity and citizenship
        In or out? Citizenship as an integral part of personal identity of migrants


  • Science and creativity
    The UK passport story – secure document design

Cases analysed:

      • Small and medium volume passport production
        How security printers could meet the e-Passport challenge

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