Keesing Journal 51



      • Proven versus new

Practical experience:

      • Biometric identifiers for refugees
        Political context and ethical challenges


      • See-through register security feature
        Obsolete or still effective against the current counterfeiting threats?

State & legal:

      • Legal identity of a citizen

        A proper balance between the legitimate interest of a citizen and a State


      • Interrupting traditional counterfeiting workflow
        Part 2: Monochrome colour gamut

General interest:

      • Building a house of cards
        Electromagnetic coupling means more interface options for e-IDs

Cases analysed:

What you scan is what you check

Limitations of automated document inspection systems

General interest:

      • The data page manuscript
        Innovations in the most important part of today’s machine readable passports
      • e-ID credentials in Latin America Trends and challenges
      • Identity management trends
        Current trends in the identity management space


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