Keesing Journal 47



      • People and knowledge 

State & legal:

      • Operation Genesius
        Partnering to fight document and benefit fraud
      • The permanence of a person’s status
      • Reflections on the international movement of people and their status


      • Documented thoughts by Julian Ashbourn

General interest:

      • Cybermarket for forged identity documents
        The illegal trade of identity documents on the surface Web and in Onionland

State & legal:

      • US Biometric and identity intelligence programme
        Part 4: Balancing collective security versus the privacy rights of the individual


      • Direct-write printing
        Innovative digital printing method adds security to a variety of applications

General interest:

      • Advanced hologram technology
        Innovation drives hologram ID document protection
      • Effective design of breeder documents
        Applying well-defined rules for the development of documents

Practical experience:

      • FastPass
        Optical document security in the context of the automated border control

General interest:

      • Identity ecosystem
        Big Data + Unique Identity = Big Identity


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