Keesing Journal 46



      • Passport: licence to fraud?

Practical experience:

      • From policing to passport control 
      • The limitations of photo ID 

State & legal:

      • UN Security Council Resolution 2178 
      • Implications for global border control arrangements


      • Attributes and credentials 
        Two promising building blocks for electronic identity documents


      • Documented thoughts by Julian Ashbourn

Practical experience:

      • US Biometric and identity intelligence programme 
        Part 3: The electronic border and the biometric passport

General interest:

      • e-Passport authentication
        Using crowdsourced information to establish 
        the authenticity of e-Passports 


      • Voice recognition 
        How speech can open doors

General interest:

      • Designing identity documents 
        Part 1: The science of security  

Cases analysed:

      • A challenging step in the right direction 
        Counterfeit detection by professional cash handlers  


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