Keesing Journal 39


General interest:

  • Image production for identity documents
  • Why achieving optimal image quality is not as easy as it seems

Cases analysed:

  • Biocryptography
  • Increasing the protection of biometric templates – part 2

General interest:

  • Transliteration of Arabic in MRTDs
  • The standardisation of Arabic names: issues, problems and

Practical experience:

  • New initiative to support document examination
  • Document Examination Support Center fills gap between
    theory and reality


  • Optical effect of novel structural colour OVD
  • Structural colour OVD fabricated by electron beam
    lithography and nanoimprinting

Cases analysed:

  • Residence documents in the European Union
  • The Netherlands to adopt biometric e-Residence permit
    with 3D photo

Practical experience

  • Selection of biometric electoral enrolment systems
    Maintaining the integrity of the electoral process

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