To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the introduction of its national currency, the tenge, Kazakhstan put a commemorative banknote into circulation on November 15, 2023. The colorful note is in the denomination of 10,000 tenge. 

The note is printed on a composite substrate and measures 145mm x 70mm.

Front side of commemorative banknote

Imagery on the front side of the banknote shows a traditional map of Kazakhstan, with regions in different colours, as well as the national emblem in the form of a gold coin.

Back side of commemorative banknote

Images on the back side of the note depict an outline of the Eurasian continent. There are several security features on this side, including a 5mm-wide purple-to-green windowed security thread with a demetalized tenge symbol and the numeral 30, and the Tenge symbol in purple-to-green SPARK.®

Security features that appear on both front and back sides are:

  • A watermark
  • A Moebius strip to symbolize endless movement.


National Bank of Kazakhstan

Banknote News

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