The Italian Embassy in Algeria is planning to make it easier for Algerians to apply for a Schengen Visa.

The embassy says this decision has been made due to the excellent economic trade and relations between Italy and the North African country.

Schengen Visa Info has learnt that one of the ways Italy would facilitate getting a visa for Algerians, would be by outsourcing visa application admission to third party companies.

The embassy is already considering VMS Visa Management Service and the TLS Group as possible services who may win the visa application outsourcing tender.

VMS Visa Management Service and the TLS Group are the only two out of four companies meeting the embassy’s requirements.

According to recent statistics, 23,464 Schengen Visa applications were filed at the Italian embassy in Algeria by Algerian passport holders in 2018, of which 9,185 were rejected.

Schengen Visa Info says the number is quite low given that Algeria was listed as the 5th country in the world with the most Schengen Visa applications filed: a total of 710,644 applications.

The country had at the same time one of the highest rejection rates. A total 45.5% of all applications filed at the Schengen consulates by Algerian passport holders were turned down.

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