A non-contact biometric iris recognition system has been launched by UnionCommunity to address the growing demand for contactless identification in busy locations.

The South Korean company says the UBio-X Iris captures iris biometrics at distances up to 50cm, performs rapid identification, and is equipped with an auto-tiling function.

Biometric Update reports the device is expected to be implemented at medical facilities, airports, and commercial facilities where large groups of people create a high risk of viral infection.

The OBio-X Iris also provides fingerprint recognition to support multi-modal authentication for stronger security.

With growing demand for contactless biometrics, UnionCommunity says it expects a significant increase in sales.

The company is planning to speed up its release schedule for iris recognition products, originally planned for the second half of this year, and invest in promoting them.

“Based on our know-how that has been developing and selling biometric recognition systems for the past 20 years, we have established an integrated biometric recognition system that encompasses iris, face, and fingerprints as of this year, we will expand our demand for non-contact products around the world and plan to increase sales by strengthening non-face-face-face-face biometric products and security solutions,” Shin Yo-sik, CEO of UnionCommunity, said.

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