In order to get rid of paper visas, the Iranian government has launched an e-visa system for Pakistani citizens.

The biggest reason for issuing this system is to guarantee more convenient travelling facilities to tourism employees and active workers in commercial activities and trade, according to Iranian embassy sources.

Iranian consulates in four Pakistani provinces and the Iranian embassy in Islamabad will be issuing the e-visas, Urdu Point reported.

“The Iranian consulates based in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, and Quetta have worked day and night to ease visa issuance process for pilgrims during the year, while last year Iranian embassies and consulates have issued millions of visas for Pakistani citizens.”

Physical stamping on travellers’ passports upon entering or leaving the country was cancelled, by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, last June.

The decision was made to make it possible to travel to Iran without fear of possible US penalties.

Last year the US government stated that travellers who would visit Iran or other certain countries would face difficulties upon entering the United States.

Iran started a pilot project in a select of its airports, issuing e-visas, in November 2017.

7.8 million foreign nationals visited Iran last year, which was an increase of 52,5 % year on year.

Iraq was the main source of tourism for Iran in 2018, as 24% account for all inbound visitors.

Other countries were Azerbaijan (17%), Turkey (8%), Pakistan (4%) and Bahrain (2%). The remaining 46% came from the rest of the world.

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