Informatics consist of a 500+ strong team of professionals from a leading IT conglomerate in the Asian region that has over 30+ years experience in the industry.
Informatics is ISO:9001:2008 certified for following quality standards, practice CMMi L3 and is a carbon-neutral company.
InfoBorder, the company’s immigration and border management system product suite consists of a complete stack of products to cater to the core immigration requirements. Furthermore, InfoId is their addition to the identity management system product suite which consists of the most essential modules to cater to national person registration.
Informatics identity management and border management products have received global accreditation for providing end-to-end solutions that are functionally rich and have a high ROI.
Their organisation expertise includes the best practices, guidance and implementation services throughout the project life cycle.
As a total solution provider company they are the sole responsible party for the whole implementation.
If you would like to know more about their work, please visit them at

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