A partner of the French state for nearly 500 years, IN Groupe offers identity solutions and secure digital services at the cutting edge of technology, electronics and biometrics. From components to services to titles and inter-operable systems, as a global specialist in identity and secure digital services, IN Group is there every day to make life easier for everyone. Accompany States in the exercise of their sovereignty. Protect the identity of citizens. Preserve the integrity of companies. Whatever the issue, IN Groupe, a company of digital sovereignty, contributes to asserting for everyone a fundamental right: the right to be you.

IN Groupe is the new brand of the Imprimerie Nationale Group.

IN Groupe in figures: Turnover: € 314 million – 1,000 employees – 4 sites in France – 8 sales offices worldwide – 77 countries hosting IN Group solutions – 28 partner governments.

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