At IAI, we assure long-term value by tilting your expectations. ... Our systems are designed with the advanced security and/or personalisation features you need ...


IAI supplies systems to personalise and secure passports, identity cards (such as driving licences, residence permits and national identity cards) and banknotes. IAI has been at the forefront of secure document personalisation for many years, providing unique and advanced systems for a broad spectrum of industrial users, and constantly seeking to improve our products by developing innovative new personalisation technologies and features. As a result of this experience and our extensive knowledge, IAI has gained an excellent reputation for the design and supply of industrial production systems where laser, optics, inkjet printing, material handling and precision mechanics play key roles. More than 30 countries in the world have chosen IAI as their preferred partner to help them create documents with the most advanced security features.

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The Keesing Platform team brings you the latest in various fields, including security documents, security printing, banknotes, identity management, biometrics, blockchain, crypto technology and online onboarding.

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