The Central Bank of Honduras has announced the release of a new HNL 200 (lempira) banknote to be issued in September 2021.

The 200-Lempira banknote represents an entirely new denomination in Honduras currency. Notes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 Lempira currently circulate in Honduras. The last banknote issued was the 500 lempiras in December 1997.

Design and security features of the new banknote

The design of the new note commemorates the bicentennial of Honduran independence. The note also contains state-of-the-art security features to help prevent fraud.  

The design contains three themes. One motif, reflected on the face of the note, alludes to the bicentennial of Honduras. The other themes appear on the back of the note; they represent the promotion of education and the conservation of flora and fauna.

The security features include the following:

Front side:

  • Optically Variable Ink:
    When tilting the bill, a dynamic 3D motif (“200”) changes colour from green to blue.   
  • Watermark:
    When held up to a light source, the multi-tonal watermark displays the date of Honduras declaration of independence (seen in parchment with feather). The bank’s initials “BCH” can be seen as a watermark of high resolution.
  • A vertical safety thread with two different 3D effects.
  • Relief prints, sensitive to the touch, at the edges of the banknote to help the vision-impaired.

Back side:

  • Fluorescent Ink:
    Different elements in the bird and background scenery are visible under UV light.
  • See-through register:
    Parts of the text “200 BCH” are printed on both sides of the bill. When viewed against a light source, both figures align perfectly.
  • Watermark:
    The same watermark seen on the front of the banknote also appears on the back.

Twenty million notes have been printed.


Central Bank of Honduras
Coin World
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