Hirox Europe: Hirox is the Pioneer of 3D Digital Video Microscopy. From the Highest Optical Quality to the most Advanced 3D Measurement Systems.


Hirox is the inventor of 3D digital microscopy with 40Êyears of experience in optics, and over 1000Êcustomers including many national banks and a national printing company.

The RH-2000 system combined with the Nano Point Scanner (confocal white light) allows fast and accurate 3D measurement of fine structures or transparent surfaces with submicron resolution:
zoom from 0,1x up to 10.000x: from A4 up to pigments;
patented rotational motorised inspection for hologram/kinegram;
large high-precision motorised XY axis up to 50x50cm;
ultra-fast 3D measurement including roughness, volume, height;
automatisation of capture & 3D measurement with fail/pass tolerances;
special contact stand for printing rolls and intaglio plates;
easy documentation: photos, videos, excel reporting;
portable in the field or to control suppliers.

It is the ideal tool for QC or counterfeit analysis of IDs, passports, banknotes, coins, security documents, driving licences, intaglio on banknotes or on plates, and lens arrays.

Contact us now for a demonstration on hirox-europe.com

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