As the Coronavirus pandemic persists, travel pass apps continue to gain popularity as a way for travelers to provide documentation of their Covid-19 test results and proof of vaccination to airlines and other authorities. Starting today, two major airlines will accept a relatively new travel pass app on United States domestic flights and between the U.S. and several foreign countries.

American Airlines now accepts passengers’ use of the VeriFLY mobile health passport at all US airports it serves and on flights to eight foreign countries. Across the Pond, British Airways is accepting VeriFLY on flights from the United Kingdom to the United States, with flights from the U.S. to the U.K to be added soon. The mobile health passport allows passengers to complete document verification before arriving at the airport, thus streamlining the travel experience. The COVID-19-related service was previously accepted only on outbound travel from the U.S. on American Airlines flights from Miami International Airport. The app already has 100,000 users.

How does the VeriFLY app work?

Once a passenger has downloaded the VeriFLY app, they verify their personal identifying information (such as email address and date of birth) and submit a selfie.

Prior to traveling, the passenger selects their destination from a list and populates flight details. The app then generates the documentation required. In the United States, for example, the app will ask the passenger to confirm they have a passport, upload a picture of their negative COVID-19 test, and ask the passenger to fill in a health declaration.

The passenger’s COVID-19 test result is then securely sent to the VeriFLY team, who will confirm that it meets the requirements and the time taken since the test was administered. If the company is unsure of a test’s authenticity, it can notify the passenger to send additional information through the app. To detect fake COVID-19 test certificates, VeriFLY is working with about 30 major testing companies on digital result verification. The requirements are tailored to each country.

Once all steps have been completed, the passenger gets a pass or fail message and can proceed to the airport as appropriate.

How does VeriFLY compare to IATA’s Coronavirus travel pass?

British Airways continues to work with the International Air Transportation Association on its Travel Pass app. However, IATA’s Travel Pass app focuses on Covid test results and vaccination status, rather than other requirements. Ultimately, British Airways aims to streamline air travel for as many passengers as possible. Multiple solutions may be required to meet that challenge.


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