HD Barcode

HD Barcode capable of storing up to encrypted data and color images. Immediately identify without requiring an Internet connection or database look-ups.


Leading the way to incorporate the most advanced 2D barcode in the world, our patented HD Barcode. Full-colour photos, hologram images, biometric information, or unique overt or covert features can be stored in the code (up to 700 kB) to provide a positive match or authenticate security features on various substrates for endless applications, all without a database or requiring the internet. HD Barcode separates the ability to generate the code from the ability to read the code, allowing only approved smartphones and reading devices to decode the companyÕs codes, through corresponding cipher keys. Each smartphone and reading device will have an approved, time-restricted ability to read only the codes created for them by the company, without the ability to generate a code or identify the security information. Codes can be generated in different shapes with lines or dots. HD Barcode is ideal for positive identification, quality assurance, brand protection, track & trace, and marketing.

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