H-R&S manufactures innovative security features to protect secure documents from attempted fraud and counterfeiting, including authentication dots for substrates, exclusive sensitising agents designed to react to chemical forgery attempts commonly used in document forgery, anti-copy devices and verification systems. Currently, H-R&S successfully protects passports, visas, checks, stamps, vouchers, etcetera. H-R&S also provides competitive intelligence by means of monthly patent surveillance newsletters and regularly updated patent databases in the security field. As an example, the newsletter ÔSecurity OverviewÕ provides the most up-to-date patent information about banknotes and bank equipment for authentication, production and tracking, holograms and OVDs, security threads and strips, substrates, inks and printing, and cards. It complements the database ÔSecurity PatentsÕ which includes all the latest and historical patent documents (more than 27,600 dating back to January 1999). H-R&S also offers various patent services, such as state-of-the-art, personalised surveillance).

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