Greece is now issuing a driving license in new, enhanced design with cutting-edge security features for improved security and law enforcement control. The new license complies with EU legislation and is recognized throughout the European Economic Area (EEA) and by the Contracting Parties of Vienna’s Convention (1968) on Road Traffic. This is the first redesign of Greece’s driving License since 2013. 

Greece New Generation Driving License

Front Side                 

Back Side

Sophisticated security features 

Some of the cutting-edge security features that are built into the new Greek driving license include:

  • A laser engraved colour portrait of the license holder.
  • Floating security printing in a guilloches pattern, linked to the portrait and overlapping the personal data.
  • Changing Laser Image (CLI) changes from the holder’s portrait to the letters “GRC” when the card is tilted.
  • Infrared drop-out inks: The colored inks in the background are invisible in the IR.
  • Invisible rainbow print (inks) only visible under UV light.

Depending on the category, the new licence is valid for up to 15 years, as is the case with the previous version of the license. (Previously issued licenses are valid until their stated expiration date.)


Hellenic Republic: Ministry Of Infrastructure &Transport, Ministry Of Citizen Protection

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