Greece has launched a New Generation Passport, with a new design and advanced security features. The Hellenic Police Headquarters, National Passport and Secure Document Center began issuing ordinary passports of the new series on December 18, 2023. Other variations of the new passport (diplomatic, official, and travel documents for foreigners) will be issued starting in the first quarter 2024.

The most significant upgrades to the passport are its security features, which meet International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO.) standards. Greece last updated its passport in 2014. Best practices dictate that nations update the passports they issue every ten years or so.

A closer look at the ordinary New Generation Greek passport

The most significant upgrade in the New Generation passport is the personal datapage, which is made of extra strong polycarbonate. Below is a schematic of the datapage with security features labelled.

Datapage with Advanced Security Features

Some of the other security features added to the New Generation passport are:

  • A DOVID DID™ 90-degree color permutation. When the hologram is rotated 90 degrees a color permutation appears between the two DID™ reflective colors.

DID™ 90-degree Color Permutation

  • A security hinge with embossed “XOXO.”

Transitioning to the New Generation passport

For a short transition period starting in December 2023, the Greek government issued ordinary passports of the previous series as well as the new series. However, since January 9, 2024, only the new ordinary passport has been issued. Previously issued passports will remain valid until their stated expiry date.


Hellenic Police Headquarters, National Passport & Secure Document Center

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