The German Ministry of Interior has decided to extend border controls with Austria for another six months.

Schengen Visa Info reports the ministry determined that the border controls – which were set to expire on 11 November – are still needed “due to migration and security policy.”

“After careful consideration and in coordination with the Republic of Austria, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer decided to order the temporary internal border controls at the German-Austrian land border on the basis of Articles 25 to 27 of the Schengen Borders Code…” the ministry said in a media statement.

According to Schengen Visa Info, Germany lifted the majority of border controls due to the coronavirus at internal borders on 15 June.

On the same date, the temporary internal border controls at the German-Austrian land border were extended until 11 November, citing concerns of illegal migration potential on the Balkan route, as the primary reason for border extension.

Aside from border controls, Germany also has a travel ban on all third-country nationals, excluding only the residents of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Thailand and Uruguay.

Schengen Visa Info reports the list will be expanded to include Japan, South Korea and China as soon as the possibility of mutual entry is confirmed.

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