Air France and Aéroports de Paris (ADP) have agreed to roll out a biometric boarding pilot early next year.

French news magazine L’Express reports the test will use facial recognition to improve travel experience and speed up processing times for boarding and baggage drop-off at French airports.

According to the magazine, Air France and another airline will integrate the system in place of boarding cards at Paris Orly airport “on three regular flights, presumably in the European area.”

“We have already deployed facial recognition at the border crossing and we are experimenting with the use of a biometric card,” ADP told L’Express.

Before giving the green light for the project, France’s privacy regulator CNIL had a few requirements, such as capturing only individuals’ faces, and not the eyes of others in the background, and not using the database for commercial purposes.

“The information collected will be destroyed after the aircraft takes off, which means that there will be no retention and that the passenger, who must give his consent, will be obliged to repeat the procedure at each pass at the airport,” CNIL’s Clémence Scottez explained.

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