France has vowed to automatically extend visas and residency cards of holders stranded in the country due to cancelled flights and other travel restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Préfecture de Police says the extensions applies to the following:

  • Long stay visas
  • Titres de séjour
  • Requests for asylum
  • Receipts for requests for a carte de séjour

The extension applies only to those holding these visas and/or residence permits who are already in the country.

According to Schengen Visa Info, the extension, however, does not apply to Britons living in France, as they have to follow a different process for an extension due to Brexit, which includes online application via a special website, which is not set to go live until July.

“In order to secure the presence in France of legally resident foreigners, the period of validity of residence permits currently in circulation has been extended by three months…” the Préfecture de Police revealed on Twitter.

France, in the meantime, has decided to stop issuing visas in all of its embassies and consulates abroad, until further notice.

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